Satori Africa – Tours & Experiences

Satori can be roughly translated to mean enlightenment or awakening.

The name Satori Africa is inspired by the beautiful restorative power and healing nature of the African continent. This land lends itself to a vacation and safari experience of sheer relaxation, indulgence and restoration. In short, the perfect wellness destination!

Mother Nature was in a particularly generous mood when blessing Africa with breathtaking sunsets, the crisp salty refreshing air of the Atlantic Ocean, the year-round warm water of the Indian Ocean, produce of unbridled goodness and abundance, mountains of staggering proportions, thriving wildlife and rolling savannah grasslands.

The Satori Africa logo is inspired by the beautiful Baobab tree, a tree that is distinctly African. Affectionately known as the ‘Upside Down’ Tree, the Baobab plays a part in almost all African folklore and provides shelter and food for man and animal alike. For us, the Baobab reflects Africa, our home!

Find your harmony here with us.

Besides providing you with the ultimate in bespoke itineraries, we firmly believe that no trip to Africa is complete without experiencing some of our personal favourite epicurean experiences or following the new trend of incorporating a host of wellness experiences into your trip.